The Annunciation Script

This dance/drama can be performed or read with one principal female dancer/actor (Mary) or with a second person (Angel) with optional narrator. The musical portion is scored for assembly participation with simple refrains as well as parts for a cantor, a soprano or tenor soloist (possibly the same person as the cantor), and a keyboard. There are also optional guitar chords to underscore the Angel. Refrains for the assembly may be reprinted free of charge if a copy has been purchased for each performer and musician.

The script closely follows that of "Part II: The Annunciation" in Betsey Beckman's video The Dancing Word: Miriam and Mary with some minor differences. The ending scored by Laura and David Ash is included, as well as an optional segue which can bridge to the David Haas Magnificat used in the video (published separately by GIA, 1-800-GIA-1358).

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